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The Scouting Times

Get the latest updates & news in Scouting through The Scouting Times! This longform content of upcoming program changes, interviews, articles, and more is not possible without our society members!

And for those not so interested in reading scout news & updates, we have spoof scouting news as well just for fun! Read the latest news.

Annual Luncheon Meetings

Go beyond the meetup! Society members will receive an invite to our annual Memes Society luncheon hosted at Jamboree/NOAC - to meet our team one-on-one & receive VIP treatment & merch! You're invited!

BSAmemes Minecraft Server

Memes Society members have access to an entire world of Vanilla+ content crafted by our team. Acolyte & Inner Circle members will also have access to additional special abilities and unique perks! Check it out!

Exclusive Quarterly Memes Gear

Inner Circle Exclusive. Our team has designed special quarterly items specifically for Inner Circle members. From a special Class B to patch sets to pins, we've got it all for our closest members! Ready to join?

And so much more!

Our members are pushing scouting forward! Members will help us create camperships to give back, create future content we could never do on Instagram, promote scouting like never before, and so much more!

These and so much more would not be possible without our Patreon members' support! Join the Memes Society now!

Memes Society FAQ

Who is BSAmemes?

BSAmemes is a growing team of Scouts that create memes, connections, and events for the scouting community across the globe! Our mission is to bring scouting to the 21st century, to inspire and ignore the spirit of scouting's adventure for the next generation.

What have we done?

We've done a ton! BSAmemes is continually growing. In the past, we've hosted over 5,000 scouts in a massive Minecraft server for scouts to meet during COVID, created an online scout meeting platform called Troopcast during the start of the pandemic, the Scoutcord community and event & Eagle Scout workshop nights!

What's next for BSAmemes?

That's where we want you involved! As we continue to build and create, we need our supporters to join us! Our Patreon is to not only support our future, but support scouting's future as we reinvest ourselves into this program.

Our supporters will be able to peak behind-the-scenes on projects and big announcements we work on, and get to weigh in and help us decide & make changes to our projects!

What's this Patreon for?

As we grow and our community gets bigger, our projects continue to get bigger too! We're working on some BIG things behind-the-scenes that won't be possible without supporters. By supporting our Patreon, you're helping support not just ours, but scouting's future as well.

By becoming a patron, you're joining us on this journey to bring scouts together, to promote the scouting program & find new ways for scouts to reignite their passion!